NHS has a strong culture of support & relationships between NHS, General Managers and Directors of Sales. We strives to maintain a culture of performance by motivating properties and managers to outperform expectations. NHS has a passion for results and will deliver enhanced performance while minimizing unsatisfactory results. We ensure that the hotels we manage meet the financial goals of ownership. Specialists, Regional and VP are evaluated weekly and take actions quickly – so that GMs can build new habits – and use reporting – to manage budgeted results.

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NHS is a leader in staff training and development. We established National Hospitality University (NHSU) to train new and existing managers on operating standards and NHS methods. Our goal is to materially improve the quality of hotel operating staff – with specific attention to the General Manager, Assistant General Manager and Director of Sales. Our focus is a group of superior managers that are well trained in NHS systems and have a keen eye for their job duties.We refer to a strong and deep management organization as having bench strength – enabling better operating performance for our hotels and growth opportunities for NHS.

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Reporting, Productivity, Preventative Maintenance, Forecasting, Upselling