Are you tired of your Hotel Underperforming your CompSet?  National hospitality services is an Award Winning Hotel Management company that maximizes the potential of each property we manage.  We specialize in the Mid-West(Colorado, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Wyoming).

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    Customer Service

    Guest Satisfaction

    Guest satisfaction is paramount at National Hospitality Services Management company, and it starts with the right attitude and going Above & Beyond™ that is reflected throughout the whole organization; from the President, to the Front Desk staff, to the server in the restaurant to our housekeepers. It’s a way of life at NHS, where everyone is connected and directed to serve. We don’t just look at Social Media to gauge customer satisfaction, we’re managing expectations by being open and authentic so guests know exactly what to expect.

    Guest service doesn’t happen by accident. NHS uses a disciplined approach to find, train and nurture the best talent. We pride ourselves with the Best Hospitality Management Human Resources team lead by Sarah Koustrup, Vice President of Human Resources.

    Sales Marketing

    Sales & Marketing

    Sales and Marketing is the fuel that drives revenue. Many management companies and owners ignore this discipline and hope revenues magically increase. NHS is very different. We incorporate proven methodologies that are results-oriented, geared towards our target markets and drive it home by making sure we achieve the best possible results.

    First, NHS analyzes the market, then formulates plans that are personalized and laser focused to the constructing business among all desired market segments. We utilize CRM technology and incorporate Social Media to build and monitor our performance.

    We are leaders in RevPar performance. We leverage key relationships and strategic marketing plans to achieve our goals. Our commitment runs deep to boosting your hotel’s visibility out in the ecosystem to maximize performance.

    “We see many hotels that constantly under perform in RevPar Index based on a lack of a strong Sales and Marketing platform. We will identify the opportunity and act on it to turn a property around.” – Norman Leslie, NHS President

    Financial Reports

    Financial Reporting

    It is vital to a company to accurately report the financial status and set a foundation of fiscal responsibility. We think like owners because we are an owner, it’s in our DNA and that goes a long way to understanding the unique financial landscape of NHS Accounting and Finance.

    NHS’s proprietary OnTrack™ system of accounting provides unmatched peace of mind for owners. Timely, accurate and meaningful financial reporting that drives ever improving performance at a very affordable cost – NHS OnTrack ™ delivers.

    This is an industry where too many owners are taken advantage of with shoddy accounting and no controls. NHS Accounting and Finance is staffed by an amazing team of professional that delivers unequaled standards of accuracy and control.

    procurement purchasing

    Purchasing & Procurement

    NHS fully leverages its massive purchasing power with their vendor partnerships to get the best costs for our clients. Whether it’s for capital assets, food, supplies, merchant services, or equipment, we ensure our clients get the very best value.

    Building on a strong purchasing platform, NHS has developed a very strong Procurement division. This makes remodels extremely smooth as we integrate franchise requirements, purchasing and operations to get a great end product with the least possible impact to guest satisfaction and revenue.

    “We have strong relationships with the major hotel brands and vendors. This allows us to value engineer and find the best solution for small and large remodels.” – George Harms, VP of Procurement