At NHS we know that our most valuable resource is our people, which separates NHS from other hotel management companies. We help our managers understand their Unique Ability ™ – their superior ability that is fueled by passion and energy – and work with them to create a team that plays to each person’s individual Unique Ability ™, creating dedicated, passionate employees with higher productivity providing a greater return on investment for our clients.

We are a Culture of Performance organization; merging mutual respect, love and affection for our guests, clients and employees, with a passion for results where underperformance and excuses are not accepted.

Our Applause™ program and NHS Team Performance Compensation Plan platform recognizes, incents, motivates and guides our employees to greater heights, both as valued stakeholders and as individuals and ties to exactly what our clients expect of their hotel investment. We celebrate our employees, and their accomplishments. This results in higher productivity, harmony in the workplace, and greater return on investment.

“By empowering our employees to go above and beyond for guests and recognizing employees for their accomplishments we create a powerful relationship that creates both employee and guest loyalty.” – Sarah Koustrup, Executive Vice President