We are a Culture of Performance organization. For us, performance merges mutual respect, love, and affection for our employees, guests, and partners with a passion for results.

We focus on solutions rather than excuses; productivity rather than busywork; and building on strengths — wha t we call Unique Ability — rather than correcting for weaknesses.

We help our hotel leaders identify the areas in which they shine and are fueled by zeal and energy and work with them to create complimentary teams. This creates dedicated, passionate employees who are inspired to create great returns for our stakeholders.


Our Team Performance Compensation Plan platform ties owner expectations to individual accomplishments by recognizing, incentivizing, motivating and guiding our employees to achieve high er productivity, harmony in the workplace, and greater return on investment.

By empowering our employees to go above and beyond for guests and then rewarding them for their accomplishments, we create a powerful performance engine that creates employee satisfaction, guest loyalty, and owner returns.

Sarah Koustrup, Chief Strategy Officer

Our culture is more than words on a website . We know that by providing excellent training and recognition programs, we build strength within our hotels and develop new leaders. Beyond the individualized training and coaching that happens every day on property, we offer three signature programs for our teams.