National Hospitality Services (NHS, LLC) is a hotel management company dedicated to serving our guests, partners, owners, and employees an exceptional hotel experience. We accomplish this through a proven process that consistently delivers performance through disciplined Operations, Accounting/Finance and Human Resources.

The result – successful hotels that perform and exceed expectations.

Guest satisfaction is paramount at NHS, and it starts with the right attitude, going Above & Beyond™ that is reflected throughout the entire organization; from the President, to the Front Desk staff, to the server in the restaurant to our housekeepers.

Performance. It’s in our DNA.

It’s a way of life at NHS, where everyone is connected and directed to serve. This results in vibrant relationships that yield higher return on investment and long term security. We become a strategic partner in a shared vision with our clients.

Our Applause™ program and NHS Team Performance Compensation Plan platform recognizes, incents, motivates and guides our employees to greater heights, both as valued stakeholders and as individuals and ties to exactly what our clients expect of their hotel investment. It is this kind of commitment and dedication to our most valuable resource, our people, which separates NHS from other hotel management companies. We celebrate our employees, and their accomplishments. This results in higher productivity, harmony in the workplace, and greater return on investment.

The Executive Team, headed by NHS President, Norman Leslie believes that the way you get to peak performance is not only through organizational effectiveness and operating efficiency, but also through rolling up your sleeves, checking your ego at the door and leading and finishing with a smile!

NHS recognizes that a passionate and dedicated team – aligned with the interests of all stakeholders – delivers the very best results. Performance. It’s in our DNA.